Aart-van-den-DoolWhat and who is Castart

Castart was founded by Aart van den Dool. Because I was born in Sliedrecht I grew up with Dredging.

Castart B.V. is agent for foundries, forging shops and steel- and stainless steel construction shops. Mainly in Portugal, Poland, Spain and Romania. The combination of low wages, average month wage approx € 500,00 and skilled laborers; with short delivery times and traveling costs, give our customers very competitive prices.

We can supply castings and forgings in all Ferro and Nickel alloys, including stainless steel, Duplex, but off course also ductile and grey iron, all steel alloys and also wear resistant white iron alloys. Single pieces of max 25 tons, but also large series of 10.000 pieces of 1 kilo. Our customers are mainly active in the offshore-, chemical-, maritime-, agricultural- and dredging industry.

Our added value is the combination of 25 years experience, metallurgical- and technical knowhow to give our customers solid, useful and out of box advices.

We are also able to supply steel constructions and even complete turn-key projects. For example a stainless steel heat exchanger, a very large oil storage tank, a floating pontoon and everything in between. But we also have large facilities for machining large castings or forgings such as shafts or large steel constructions of 15 by 10 meters. Induction hardening is also in our supplier program and we are able to induction harden small screws for the automotive industry until a 5 meter wide gear part.

Since last year we notice customers coming back from outsourcing in China and our now outsourcing through our suppliers at comparable rates or, if you include all hidden costs, even lower.